Thursday, July 8, 2010

San Diego Comic Con International

We're getting close!  I'll be signing at ComicCon again this year.  It's so much fun and such a huge party... If it's your first time, make sure you plan for the nightly festivities as well as the con itself.  This mega-geekfest has really evolved into something incredible, thanks to people like Jeffrey Walker (my hubby produced a movie with him and his son, Orion).  Jeffrey was rated Entertainment Weekly's 46th smartest person in Hollywood in December, 2007

Here's a few geeky facts that shows Comic Con's gi-normity:

  • Started in 1970 with 300 attendees with an entry cost of $3.00
  • Today, more than 1,000 dealers have stalls
  • One month after the 2009 convention, 10,000 tickets were already sold for the 2010 convention
  • In 2005, with 168,000 convention attendees the fire marshal shut it down 
  • Currently, no more than 145,000 attendees are permitted inside the convention center at any time
  • Comic-Con in 2008 attracted more than 134,000 people
  • An average of 68,000 spend the night in a hotel room
  • The 2009 convention celebrated 75 years of the adventure comic strips
  • Comic-con is the largest run volunteer-run convention in the world
  • Among those staying in hotels, about 68 percent hail from outside Southern California
 Hope to see you there!

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  1. Oh, I wish I was going...but I will be volunteering at Wizard World-Chicago.