Monday, July 19, 2010

Bring It On & Richard Hillman

Thanks for all your kind words, gang.  It was so great seeing Nikki (Whitney), Max (Exec. Prod.), and Jessica (Writer), in addition to sharing the screening with a few friends who had yet to see the movie.  Note to self: Don't share four bottles of wine at dinner before a Q and A... Sorry Jessica!  lol 

On a more somber note, Payton asked "Mr. Beaks" (from Ain't It Cool News) to read a letter for him (Payton was at a wedding on the east coast and could not attend).  He informed everyone of the passing of actor Richard Hillman (who played Aaron) and mentioned how Richard lit up the screen every time he appeared on camera.

Richard was a sweet guy, a great actor and my experience working with Richard was wonderful.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to make sure people remember him.



  1. Oh.

    RIP Richard. :(

    I'm so sorry that he passed.

  2. He was a super guy with the biggest heart and quest for the truth. I will always remember you my brother. Rip my friend.

  3. Rip Richard Hillman. He was a good friend