Saturday, April 24, 2010

Movies, movies, movies...

Yes, I am the only loser on the planet who has yet to see Avatar.  Aside from a bit of shopping and hangin' with the chicas, I am planning a blockbuster weekend to catch up.  I rented Avatar, Crazy Heart, Brothers and because I've cried during the trailer many times... The Blind Side.  I have tons to do for the boutique and other things but I plan on fitting-in at least two in the mix.

Obviously, my choices seem complete opposite genres of one another but I find a good mix is best.  I never know what I am going to be inspired by - I tend to find inspiration at the most random times, in the oddest things.  I may find it in a full-length Oscar winning performance, an oddball character in a short film, or a random individual from a documentary.

I guess I should also mention my Netflix picks: Journey to the Edge of the Universe and Very Young Girls - Like I said, my choices tend to be quite random.  As much as I love thrillers or horror films I've never understood why some people are so drawn to just one type of genre - there is so much out there to love, and as a filmmaker, learn from.

Oh well, enough meaningless rambling.  Catch a movie or DVD this weekend and get inspired!

Avatar (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]The Blind SideCrazy HeartBrothersNational Geographic: Journey to the Edge of the Universe [Blu-ray]


  1. I'm there with you in loserville when it comes to Avatar... Netflix won't have it available to ship for another month, but I figure I've waited this long, I can wait a bit longer!

  2. I totally agree there are so many good movies out there. You should not just pick one type. Also I thougth I was the only that has not seen Avatar. PS I am on Twitter @mheat12.