Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hollywood Sign

Well, it looks as though Hef as come in for the last $900,000.00, of the 12.5 mil, that it will take to buy the 138 acres around the Hollywood Sign.  With all the money that Los Angeles spends on ridiculous things, what an embarrassment if we would have lost the sign.

Think about "the sign"; more iconic than Madonna, Meryl, Clint and all stars, past and present, combined.  Synonymous with "the industry" and more universally recognizable than a 'men' or 'women' bathroom sign.

Many of us who moved to LA to do what we love to do were inspired by that sign.  We've seen it adorn more movies, videos, tv shows, commercials...
 Hollywood... and books than ANY other one thing that I can think of.  What a shame it even got this close... close enough that it is even a discussion.  Way to go Hef, Tom, Rita and all others who contributed.

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