Friday, May 28, 2010

NOH8 Campaign

NOH8 (No Hate)... It seems like such an easy thing.  Doesn't it?  It's so sad that there are so many people that just don't get it.  I've certainly met my fair share of rude, stingy, unethical and flat out immoral people... It's just too bad.  It's kind of ironic that Rodney King was so made fun of for words that just kinda make sense... I really wish it was that simple.

A special thanks to co-founders Jeff Parshley for setting up my shoot and to Adam Bouska for shooting me.  You and your team are doing some amazing things.  Congrats and thank you to NOH8 for what you're doing. 

Please support NOH8 at or follow them via Twitter at @NOH8campaign